So you wanna' work with us?  Good decision! We're looking at joining hands with like minded people who believe in the idea of using creative forces to bring peace to the world, ok maybe not that, but at least make our clients as happy as the sun. So if you fit the bill and you're up for the crazy hours of work and fun, go ahead and apply


Somebody who thinks, breathes and sleeps Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign. After Effects is an added advantage. We're looking to hire somebody who is hard working, has a great attitude and is seamless in communication.


Freshers may apply with a varied range of design showcased in their portfolio


Email us at: careers@paperdesign.co.in

Subject Line: Application - Graphic Designer

jr. graphic


We're open to taking in Graphic Designers, UI/UX Designers, Copywriters, Social Media enthusiasts and Web Developers to join our team this Summer. You'll work alongside our team on real projects, dealing with real industry clients. Know how the practical world is miles apart from school.


Yup! It's paid. You shall receive a stipend for the work you put in along with love from Thor!


Email us at: careers@paperdesign.co.in

Subject Line: Summer Internship Request 2018


Submissions are open till May 20th, 2018

If you can write this job post better than the guy who wrote it in the first place, we'll give you a shot at this job! Quirky, creative, corporate, casual, strong, aggressive, deceptive, magical and a few other moods are expected from you.


Hope you're ready to save shit loads of *.docs on your desktop!


Email us at: careers@paperdesign.co.in

Subject Line: Application - Copywriter





things to keep in mind

while applying

  1. The only thing that will get you hired is your work. Degrees and educational formalities just aren't our thing!
  2. If we spot a mistake on your CV, it's most likely we won't give you a call back.
  3. Don't copy templates from the internet. Please be original with your resumes.
  4. Don't spam our inbox. We hate spammers! Put up your work on one single link and we'll review your portfolio there.
  5. If you don't receive a call back within 7 days from your application date, we have one thing to say - "May The Force Be With You"
  6. Give us a reason to hire you, so undeniable it seems absolutely crazy not to pick you.
  7. We're a small team, so we're looking for nothing but the best. If that means, hiring lesser people that's ok with us but we don't compromise on the quality of work we give to our clients.

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